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Storm Damage Tree Services

Specializing in professional tree removal and maintenance for storm damaged trees.

Fallen Tree     Tree Removal

Serving residential and commercial customers needing emergency tree service for fallen trees
and branches due to heavy rains, winds, lightning, ice, snow, hurricanes, and tornadoes
in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Commercial and Residential Storm Damaged Tree Services
for homes, businesses, communities, schools, hospitals, daycare providers, and more:

  • tree removal and clean up
  • fallen trees
  • fallen branches
  • clean up, mulching, and hauling of removed tree and branches
  • tree evaluation and health assessment
    (Is this tree safe or does it need to be removed?)

Heavy winds, rain, lightning, snow, ice, hurricanes, and tornadoes can cause significant damage to your trees. Seasons Tree Service / Seasons of Maryland can help you clean up the mess the storm leaves behind. Contact us for a free estimate.

Storms are prevelant in the Pennsylvania and Maryland area. Tornado and hurricane season occurs during the late summer and early fall months. January and February usually bring our most damaging blizzards, ice and snow storms. We have seen many severe storms cause trees to fall and create significant property damage. Decayed, dying, and dead trees are more prone to falling during extreme weather conditions such as high winds, ice, and snow. Home owners and businesses who have potential hazardous trees should take preventative action to have them removed before a storm strikes. Before winter hits, check your trees for potential problems.

Please note: After a heavy storm goes through our area we may need to schedule services based on priorities. We will do our best to get everyone scheduled and taken care of as quickly as possible.


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