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Tree Prunning and General Tree Care Services

Professional tree pruning, trimming, and branch thinning services,
Maryland and Pennsylvania. Licensed and Insured.

Professional Tree Care for Residential and Commercial Properties:

  • tree pruning
  • branch thinning and removal
  • trees, branches, and limbs trimmed
  • clean up, mulching, and hauling included
  • professional tree care

Keeping your trees safe, healthy and beautiful through professional pruning is a simple investment you can make to your property and home. The periodic removal of tree branches and limbs is done for appearance, structural integrity, safety, health considerations, and restoration after storms or other damage.

Proper pruning ensures the healthy development of the branch and root systems while reducing the risk of storm and wind damage. Selective pruning enhances the aesthetic value of the tree by enabling it to grow proportionately and with the least stress to the tree. Pruning and thinning a tree, its branches, and limbs can help prevent storm damage and save on costly damage to property. By selectively removing some of the branches the tree is less dense and allows the wind to pass through the tree easier causing less storm damage.

After many years, trees outgrow their original purpose, obstruct property views, and grow into your neighbors yard, fence or home. In this case, we can advise you of the least traumatic alterations to your tree that will maintain maximum property value and enhance visual appeal.

Seasons Tree Service and Seasons of Maryland provides professional, expert tree care and maintenance services for businesses and homes. Contact us for your free estimate.

Licensed and Insured.


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